DURAN portrait

Singer-songwriter, guitarist. Born in Japan and raised in the Philippines. Born to a Spanish-Filipino father and a Japanese mother. Started playing the piano at the age of 3 and picked up the guitar at 14 under the influence of their bassist father.

While active in bands like ROOTLESS, Made in Asia, and a flood of circle, he also collaborated as a guitarist with artists such as Koshi Inaba (B'z), Suga Shikao and Kiyoharu.

In 2018, he made his solo debut with an album, marking the beginning of their solo career. The tour following the release of their 2nd album "Kaleido Garden" in 2021, held at Shibuya Spotify O-East, concluded with great success. In 2023, he announced the release of two new albums: "Electric Man" and a blues-focused album titled "30 Scratchy Backroad Blues".

Regarded as a prodigy in the contemporary rock scene and recognized as one of Japan's great guitarists, he captivates audiences with his powerful fuzz sound and emotionally charged, sensual guitar playing and vocals. DURAN is an artist who garners attention both domestically and internationally.


ROOTLESS、Made in Asia、 a flood of circle など数々のバンドで活躍する中、稲葉浩志 (B'z)、スガシカオ、清春などにギタリストとしても参加。

2021年にリリースした2ndアルバム「Kaleido Garden」を引っ提げ行われた渋谷Spotify O-Eastでのツアー・ファイルは大盛況で幕を閉じ、2023年にニュー・アルバム「Electric Man」、そしてブルースに特化したアルバム「30 Scratchy Backroad Blues」の2枚をリリースする事が決定。